Garden Solution

There is a vast difference between Inocucor garden solution and most other microbial products in that the others products mix pre-determined volumes of different microbial strains together in a bottle and label it. They can thus claim, with a high degree of accuracy, what is in the bottle. Inocucor combines several families of beneficial microbes together in a fermentation vessel filled with a carbon source, which becomes food for the microbes. The resultant mix of microbes and supernatant become the ‘product’, Inocucor.

Inocucor contains 11 different strains of food grade, beneficial microbes. The synergistic combination of beneficial microbes and broth (supernatant) is what makes Inocucor a potent and effective biological accelerator for the soil, seeds and plants. It is a proprietary live-cell formulation that interacts with the indigenous ecology—the phyto-microbiome—to improve plant and soil quality. It is fermented from a consortium of naturally occurring beneficial micro-organisms, including yeasts and bacteria. It acts as a natural growth optimizer and helps plants survive extreme weather conditions, such as drought. It promotes plant growth and increases plant biomass. It can produce earlier maturation in leafy vegetables and more robust fruit and vegetable harvests, often increasing yields by 10 to 15 percent with some field trials showing 30% increases.

Inocucor has been shown in field tests to promote plant growth, increase plant biomass and produce earlier maturation of fruit and vegetables, often increasing yields by 10 to 15 percent.

It works in combination with organic methods and can also be applied using conventional equipment on large-scale farms as a tank mix with fertilizers and nutrients. It can be used as a seed treatment and applied as a soil drench or foliar spray in traditional and organic agriculture, hydroponic grow systems, greenhouses, landscapes and orchards.

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